104 Dofollow Blogs Where You Can Leave a Comment

As bloggers, you may be very interested in getting blogs with dofollow links where you can leave comments.

If you know anything about the internet, then I need not say why your site needs incoming links.. For the benefit of those who do not know, Google, and other search engines, use the number of links pointing back to your site to calculate the importance of your site and determine where to place your site in search results.

I have done some research and gathered more than 100 of such blogs in the blogging and writing niche:

1. http://www.howtowakeupearly.com

2. http://thereasoner.com

3. http://www.blogengage.com

4. http://probloggertips.com

5. http://rumahabi.com

6. http://www.affordable-internet-marketing.com

7. http://www.cdfnetworks.com

8. http://www.affordable-internet-marketing.com

9. http://engineering.curiouscatblog.net

10. http://www.currybet.net

11. http://www.peterleehc.com/blog

12. http://weblogtoolscollection.com

13. http://www.lifeintherough.com

14. http://www.rottenbananas.com

15. http://global-plastic-injection-molding.com/blog/

16. http://www.kongtechnology.com

17. http://www.dollarsblog.com

18. http://www.smartbloggerz.com

19. http://www.chatbugkaren.com

20. http://tycoonblogger.com

21. http://www.ourhomeremedies.com

22. http://www.marketingblagger.com

23. http://zebida.com

24. http://marketingasolicitor.com

25. http://workathomemomrevolution.blogspot.com

26. http://dereksemmler.com/

27. http://www.yowazzup.com

28. http://www.empressofdrac.com

29. http://www.bluehatseo.com

30. http://www.articlesnatch.com/blog

31. http://newcritics.com

32. http://www.jakeldaily.com

33. http://www.thebayrental.com

34. http://www.melovillareal.com

35. http://dofollow.info

36. http://ez-onlinemoney.com

37. http://blog.mofuse.com

38. http://www.metalcarportsandkits.com

39. http://www.techatlast.com

40. http://www.voice-broadcast.com

41. http://www.tlmarketing.net

42. http://www.theblog.ca

43. http://www.cwire.org

44. http://techpatio.com

45. http://pixelheadonline.com/blog

46. http://chrishoyt.com

47. http://www.interviewquestionshq.com/

48. http://feverishthoughts.com/oddplanet/

49. http://pixelheadonline.com/blog/

50. http://bytesizecss.com/blog

51. http://annanta.com

52. http://www.seobythesea.com

53. http://www.dumblittleman.com

54. http://superbloggingtips.com

55. http://tucsonseosolutions.com

56. http://www.extremejohn.com

57. http://www.graphicdesignblog.co.uk

58. http://crayonwriter.com

59. http://hterry.com

60. http://www.powerdosh.com

61. http://www.londonerlife.com

62. http://www.foreclosure1.com/blog/

63. http://www.thesassysoutherner.com

64. http://www.affiliatebestprograms.com

65. http://emoneymarketing.com

66. http://www.foreclosuredataonline.com/blog/

67. http://www.simplerandomness.com

68. http://www.communityspark.com

69. http://www.purefx.co.uk/category/foreign-exchange-news/

70. http://www.seotops.com

71. http://www.ecommtips.com

72. http://fatladysingz.com

73. http://www.theinternetlaboratory.com

74. http://www.adesblog.com

75. http://followlist.com

76. http://www.organicseo.in

77. http://www.bloggingtips.com

78. http://dmiracle.com

79. http://letssermo.com

80. http://www.challengeoxfordshire.co.uk

81. http://www.memwg.com

82. http://www.serradinho.com

83. http://niceblogger.com

84. http://www.jhsiess.com

85. http://www.thevirtualasst.com

86. http://www.ruhanirabin.com

87. http://www.interviewquestionshq.com

88. http://infodotnet.blogspot.com

89. http://revellian.com

90. http://www.entrepreneurs-journey.com

91. http://sighnetdollars.blogspot.com

92. http://www.bloggodown.com

93. http://www.reviewerofsites.com

94. http://www.besttipsforblogging.com

95. http://thebuffaloriver.com

96. http://www.netchunks.com

97. http://karensopinion.com

98. http://www.lcdlove.com

99. http://www.howtowakeupearly.com

100. http://pajamaprofessional.com

101. http://www.howtospoter.com

102. http://www.bodyfitnessinfo.com/blog/

103. http://www.bloggingjunction.com

104. hhttp://cashtactics.net


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  1. Viola Tam says:

    Hi, Yeremi,

    I am glad to have led to your blog from Adrienne Smith’s blog.

    Excellent tips that you have shared here! I am going to spend some time on your 104 well rsearched blogs. I will take you advice and create a list of at least 30 quality blogs that I will visit regularly. I know this works as I have noticed some outstanding bloggers’ value-packed comments whenever I go. This, I believe, helps with branding too.

    I sincerely appreciate you, Yeremi.

    Viola Tam
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  2. adeenpinto says:

    Thanks for this awesome list… great collection buddy…thanks…..

  3. Aris says:

    This is cool stuff. thanks for sharing. I’m just starting to learn about blogging and back linking so this list is pretty handy. kudos!
    Aris recently posted..Facebook Like / Share ScamMy Profile

  4. shafeeq says:

    hi Yeremi Akpan, i was in a attempt to make huge collection of my niche related dofollow blogs to promote my blogs…..now i completes that big work,so thanks.also i just included your blog also on this list and you can add my blog to your list…..
    shafeeq recently posted..7-Step Strategy for Getting 1,000+ Views on EVERY Blog PostMy Profile

  5. Justin says:

    Hey Yeremi,

    Great lit of dofollow blogs. One knows how important it is these days to have dofolow links coming towards your site. Great resource here, keep up the good work buddy!! Posting about 5 new posts today and tomorrow to my site, check them out!!
    Justin recently posted..Boca Raton SEOMy Profile

  6. Justin says:

    Hey Yeremi,

    Great list of dofollow blogs here sir. One knows how important it is these days to have dofolow links coming towards your site. Great resource, keep up the good work buddy!! Posting about 5 new posts today and tomorrow to my site, check them out!!
    Justin recently posted..Boca Raton SEOMy Profile

  7. Taimoor says:

    Wao. Thank you Yeremi for sharing this list and saving my lot of time :D
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  8. Rohan Mod says:

    Great list i agree that comments on dofollow blog play an important role also in driving traffic and getting organic search results.i am commenting here after applying your suggestions on my blogs.i found increase in my traffic and also increased alexa rank after commenting real and fair comments on this listed blogs.Thanks for the information.hope to see more such real stuff from you.
    Rohan Mod recently posted..Proof Referral Traffic Lowers CPC ,Google Adsense EarningsMy Profile

  9. I. C. Daniel says:

    I just wanted to say thanks for sharing this big list of blogs.

    I will subscribe for your blog as I see I need to know more about blogging and the information you have is very helpful for a guy like me.

    Best regards from I. C. Daniel – Romania
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  10. Thanks for the list. Very useful :)

  11. Ataur Rahman says:

    Thanks for provide dofollow backlink list. One of the best articles about backlink. I was very happy to have found this site. It is very Useful for us.
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  12. 2013 post but am putting this to the test.
    Richard Leina recently posted..April 2014My Profile

  13. cosmetic says:

    Thnk you Yeremi, u are awesome, i was searching for this list. <3 <3 <3

  14. Anurag kumar says:

    Thanks for this list dude. I owe you. This list really helps.
    Anurag kumar recently posted..“It all comes with experience. First you are a dumb and then you teach people haha.”My Profile

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