7 Content Distribution Strategies Guaranteed To Give You Unlimited Traffic

Creating pillar content is important.

In fact, it is an irreplaceable part of every A-List blogger’s success story.

Yet, pillar content in itself can no longer guarantee greatness.

Of what use is spending time crafting a great post if no one ever visits your website to read it?

What makes Proctor & Gamble different from most soap manufacturers? Do you think it is because they make the best soap in the market?

I am sure that is not the case.

What makes Coke a recognizable brand all over the world? Their soft drinks taste better than all others?

Obviously not!

I am sure in all your different corners of the world you know a drink or two that tastes better than coke.

But Coke is the most popular, from Australia to South America.

Why is Coke such a successful brand?

Two reasons are readily identifiable.

1. They have a better distribution model. (They know how to ship the crates out better than most folks).

2. They keep themselves in public view by creating one powerful advert after another, despite their uncommon popularity.

That strategy works in every industry, including content manufacturing.

Like in most manufacturing businesses, achieving a consistent and effective content distribution model in content manufacturing is what separates the truly great from the ordinary.

Here is my content distribution strategy:

1. Guest Post on Other Blogs

By far my most effective content distribution strategy, guest posting allows you to rent the audience of more successful blogs with the hope that when the read your stuff, they will love it enough to follow you home to your blog.

How do you begin?

Search for other blogs in your niche that accept guest posts.

Carefully read through their guest posting guidelines to know the scope of topics they accept, and then write a qualifying guest post in one of their topic area.

TIP: To maximize the opportunity and get maximum traffic from your guest posts to your blog, you have to become a part of the community where you make your post.

Join in the discussion and make them know you.

Be nice to commenters, and even show appreciation to those who leave negative comments on your guest post.

When you succeed to make yourself a part of the community, each future comment you leave on that blog (even those you leave on posts other than your own) will become a traffic magnet.

To dramatically improve the acceptance rate of your guest post pitches, read

3 Sure Ways to Get Your Guest Post Accepted Into any Blog

2. Post Your Content to Blogging Communities

You have to be where your audience is, and today, that happens to at blogging communities. Establish yourself as a powerful blogger in the blogosphere.

Being a mover and a shaker in blogging communities can get you close to bloggers in your niche.

The relationships established here can be very useful in getting guest blog opportunities, and for future joint ventures.

TIP: In your use of Blogging Communities, focus on the human angle – creating and nurturing relationships with real people.  From the SEO perspective, links from blogging communities may not matter much.

Popular blogging communities include:


Do not be self-conscious as a member of any of those communities. Try to be as vibrant as you can, even if that is just not you.

What good is a community if you do not commune?

Engage with other bloggers. Act as if you consider them your friends, and make posts on your blog that reference their stuff.

Before long, they will consider you a friend too. That, my friend, is when you hit payday.

3. Syndicate your eBooks

EBooks syndication involves submitting your eBooks to eBook hosting and distribution sites. This can dramatically increase the exposure you get, both from those who read your eBooks and from the search engines.

Why I love this content marketing strategy is because of the ease of implementation. It doesn’t take much, but it yields great results.

How do you implement this idea?

There is no need for you to start writing an eBook solely for this purpose. I simply convert existing content on my site to eBooks using Microsoft Word 2010’s built in PDF converter.

If you do not have MS Word 2010, there are a number of sites that allow you to convert Word documents into PDFs on the fly.

It is important to add links back to your site in the eBook you create. That is the point of this exercise.

A few free word-2-pdf sites include:


After converting, it is time to go into distributing your content.

Upload your PDFs to the following PDF sharing sites:


4. Document Sharing Sites

This one is very similar to eBook syndication above. Here you can submit PDF’s, Word or event Power Point presentations.

Some documents have been known to gather up to 100k views in weeks.

You may not get that much, but what have you got to lose?

Since you have already created PDFs for eBooks syndication, upload those same documents to the document sharing sites.


5. Video Submissions

I know you are scared of videos.

I was too, but believe me, there is absolutely nothing there.

Uploading content in video sites as a content distribution strategy can be a great way to generate clickable links back to your website as the submitter.

Even You Tube allows this.

What are you going to say for the duration of a full length video?

Just turn your articles into PowerPoint Presentations; you can easily turn that presentation to video using software like Windows Movie Maker.

Once your video is made, upload it to video sharing sites like:

http://blip.tv (Basic: Free, Pro $96/Year)

If you are using a freelance, you may want to upload your video to a lot more sites. Here is a mega list of video sharing sites you can give to your freelancer.

6. Article Directory Submissions

Remember article marketing, huh?

Article marketing may sound like old school content marketing, but it still has something to offer.

While it may not result in a spike in your traffic as it used to in the good old days, it can still bring in a trickle, and if you have a lot of articles out there, the trickles add up.

My advice would be not to use your best stuff for article marketing. The best use of that kind of content is using it as a guest post on an A-List blog.

So what content do you send out to article directories?

Send them your most carefully spun articles. I mean, those ones spun so well even you may have a hard time telling the original from the spin.

If you do not have an article spinner, you can rewrite your old articles yourself and send them out there when you are sure your article will pass duplicate content checks.

Spend much time on the headlines of articles you are sending to article directories.

The more compelling the headline, the better your prospects are of your article getting a wide readership.

Remember to add your targeted keywords as links in the Author’s Bio area. That way, even if your article does not give you direct traffic, it can still pass off some link juice to your site.

7. RSS Submissions

Now you have done your content distribution, submitting them to RSS syndication websites can generate backlinks for your site and also make sure Google notices you soon.

Apart from getting you in the eyes of search engines, RSS submissions help in another way.

It is only logical that most traffic you get from RSS sites will subscribe to your RSS feeds.

If there is a demand for it, I will create a video where I will show how easily this can be done. But for now, this is how I do this:

If the page you want to submit does not have an RSS feed, go to Ice Rocket or page 2 RSS and create an RSS feed.

If you have an RSS feed for all your pages, then visit Bulk Ping to automatically mass-submit your site to RSS syndicators.

Take Action…

Reading articles will not get your content out there. You need to take action and follow these systems to the end, one at a time.

After a while, these processes can become easy much easier if you learn moderation.

If you can afford it, you can just create your content and outsource the distribution. That way you will be able to concentrate and producing content instead of distribution.

Examples of excellent outsourcing websites include oDesk.com, Scriptlance.com and Elancer.com.

If you follow these steps you will see results that will wow you.

That is a personal guarantee.


About Yeremi Akpan

Yeremi Akpan is the founder of Pro Blogger Tips. Connect with him on Twitter, Google Plus and Facebook. You can also hire him to provide content marketing services for your business.


  1. Prince says:

    Great Tips Big Bro… Help Full For Newbie Bloggers….Keep it Up… :)
    Prince recently posted..Top 5 Tips To Make Your Blog Google Penguin FriendlyMy Profile

    • Yeremi Akpan says:

      Prince, welcome to the blog, and thanks for your kind words. I am pleased you found this post useful.

  2. Great site. Keep up the good work…

  3. Chadrack says:

    Great post and really helpful. But just want to know do this RSS directories really help in driving traffic?
    Chadrack recently posted..Business Lessons You Can Learn from Google’s Company Philosophy!My Profile

    • Yeremi Akpan says:

      Hi Chadrack,
      It’s debatable, but I have had success using this strategy.

      It is best deployed when you have a site that already has a number of high quality back links, since your submissions will count as backlinks pointing back to your site. (Disclaimer: Post-penguin, I am yet to test the effect of getting links from RSS directories).
      Yeremi Akpan recently posted..Rapid Blog Post Writing: A Step by Step StrategyMy Profile

      • Chadrack says:

        Hi Yeremi,

        Thanks for the reply, but it seems I didn’t get that line about having quality back links. Do you mean it’s only sites that ALREADY have quality backlinks that these is good for? Is submitting to RSS directories not supposed to help with your backlinks and traffic?
        Chadrack recently posted..Top 3 Reasons Why Content Marketing Will Fail You!My Profile

        • Yeremi Akpan says:

          Hi Chadrack,

          I’m sorry for the cryptic reply. Looking at it now, it almost reads like a riddle. :D

          What I meant there was:

          Sites that are already ranking in the SERPs can be forgiven for the same offenses new sites are penalized for.

          The free for all nature of RSS submitters mean they link to all kinds of websites, even sites that Google may consider ‘bad company’.

          If you are already ranking, sharing link sources with spammy sites may not hurt you, but it may be a risky strategy for a new site.

          I hope that clarifies issues.
          Yeremi Akpan recently posted..Backlinks Prospecting – How to Prioritize Your Link TargetsMy Profile

  4. bloomtools says:

    thanks for this informative blog. Guest Blogging and Article submission are really good sources to get high traffic to the website. Also, forum submission can be done to get more traffic and backlinks to the website.

  5. Hi Yemeni,

    I’m new to your blog site. Indeed, you’ve given me a lot of pointers with regards to content distribution. Surely, I will follow your tips friend. Thank you. :)
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  6. Charles says:

    Wow! Another great post! I never thought about Blogging Communities or Ebook Syndication before. And thanks for such a great reference/list of websites!

  7. This great post opened my eyes to thing I had no idea i could be doing to help my blog with increase traffic. I will do a little research on how to spun articles, how to become an effectibe member of the blogging community, etc.
    Thank you for the “eye opening post”.

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