About Pro Blogger Tips

ProBloggerTips.com was created to provide you with tips from experiences I have gathered on what works in creating a sustainable income through blogging.

The truth is, to make money as a blogger, you must have an audience. It is your audience that reads your posts, leaves comments, click on your adverts and visit your affiliate offers.

“Without your audience, you are just a guy keeping a private diary online.” – Click to Tweet

With this blog I will provide long-term answers to the following pivotal questions:

  1. So how do you build an audience for your blog?
  2. How do you stimulate discussion and turn your comments section into a forum?
  3. How do you get subscribers who return whenever you write a post?
  4. In fact, how do you surrender ownership of your blog, and make it belong to the community?

By reading this blog regularly, you will find that building an engaged audience is not so hard after all.

About ProBloggerTips Founder Yeremi Akpan
ProBloggerTips was founded in November 2011 by Yeremi Akpan, a young blogger, freelance writer and content marketer who works full-time from home.

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