How to Turn your About Page into a Reader Capturing Magnet

about page startegy

What is your blog about?

The about page is the most popular page on most blogs.

Don’t have one?

Create it as soon as you get to the end of this post.

If you already have an about page, the question is: “What is your about page strategy?”

Most bloggers jump into creating an about page without a clear strategy in mind.

You see, when new readers stumble on your blog, one of the first places they get to is the about page to help them figure out what your blog is talking about.

Your about page is therefore not a page to help your readers know what an interesting childhood you had, or what your favorite color is.

Who cares?

Visitors to your “about page” are there to know how your blog can be of benefit to them.

The bottom line is, your about page is not about you.

While it should be designed to sell you to your readers, the focus should be on how what you do is relevant to your reader.

The sooner you realize that your about page is the single most important sales page on your blog, the better for you.

How can you write an “About Page” that delivers the goods?

Adding the necessary ingredients below to your about page can revamp it, capturing readers to your blog like a magnet:

Ingredient #1: Elevator Pitch

A good way to start your about page is with your elevator pitch.

What is an Elevator Pitch?

According to Wikipedia, an elevator pitch is “an overview of an idea for a product, service, or project. The name reflects the fact that an elevator pitch can be delivered in the time span of an elevator ride (for example, thirty seconds or 100–150 words).”

In other words, an elevator pitch is a pitch you create beforehand that can be delivered in the space of an elevator ride. It should be able to communicate using clear statements, what your blog

So do you have an elevator pitch for your blog?

Having one can give you uncommon clarity about the direction your blog should be taking, and to keep you on course when it seems you are straying.

If you are yet to write one, take some time out and craft a memorable one, then add it on your about page.

Why should it be on your about page?

People are busy, so your goal is not to attract everybody. All you need to succeed with your blog is to find your audience – your target audience.

By including your elevator pitch in your about page, visitors to your site can know exactly whether your site is for them or not minutes after landing on your homepage.

Ingredient #2: Benefits Definition

Why should a visitor subscribe to your site?

What do you have to say that has not been said elsewhere, more eloquently?

Go into details here by elaborating on the elevator pitch you stated in step 1. Show your visitor your blog is all about him and helping him achieve his online goals.

It’s an ideal place to communicate what you’re about and sell to potential readers why they should subscribe and come back.

Ingredient #3: Optin Box

Having an optin box in the about page of your blog is a very smart move. This is especially so because you have used the elevator pitch and benefits section to convince them they are a fit for your blog.

At that moment of convincing, having an optin box can lead to very high conversions.

Make sure you add that optin box at this point.

Ingredient #4: Tell Your Unique Story (as it relates to your reader)

Take note that when I recommend adding your story, I am not asking you to add the story of your birth, or how you grew up in a rough neighborhood.

Save that story for another day.

Tell a story that will be useful to your readers.

That would be the circumstances that led to your starting your blog, the challenges you faced and the successes you have had.

Make sure you use emotional ups and lows to heighten your audience’s connection with your story.

This is a story that will be useful to your audience who may want to learn from your success.

Have you been featured on a popular blog?

Add it here.

Have you been interviewed by the media?

Add the link here.

All this will add to impress your credentials on the first time visitor as to why you deserve attention.

After your story, add another optin box.

This will convert readers who did not optin after the elevator pitch and benefits section, but are now willing to after reading your story.

This second optin is reputed to convert even higher than the first, so make sure you add it to the page.


Your about page is not about you.

It is rather about your readers and what your blog can do for them.

So as soon as you stop talking about yourself and begin to give some attention to what should make visitors read or subscribe to your blog, you should begin to see significant progress in your results.

In your experience, what has been effective as an about page strategy? Is it included here? If not, we would love to hear it in the comments.

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  1. Mark Hugh says:

    As usual, your post is fluff-free. Good job!

  2. Chris @ NPI says:

    Hi Yeremi – very good tips, especially with opt-in box. I must try it.
    Thanks for sharing, Chris
    Chris @ NPI recently posted..How to Write in English – Mary’s Top 10 List of Common Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation MistakesMy Profile

  3. Joseph says:

    Excellent post! Thanks for the great tips, Yeremi. I feel have a good start on my About page but need to add an opt-in box and a few other tweaks. I’ll come back to this article to make sure my page ticks all the boxes here.

    • Yeremi Akpan says:

      Hey Joseph,
      Great to have you here! I agree your about page seems properly structured. Just a couple of optin boxes and call to actions and you should be fine…

  4. Suzy Wilson says:

    Hi Yeremi

    This is an awesome post thank you very much! I have got a few things to learn because I am a newly converted ‘old school sales & marketer’ to Internet marketer. I really appreciate people like you that deliver clear, direct and simple but powerful information.

  5. Hi Yeremi,

    It is really interesting to me to look at the analytics of my site and see where my traffic is flowing throughout my site. The “About” page gets a ton of traffic!

    Capitalizing on this traffic is a great way to boost subscriber rates!


    • Yeremi Akpan says:

      Hey Christine,
      Its a good thing that you are monitoring the traffic on your site. As I said, about pages get a ton of traffic. Turning your about page into a sales page is the smartest move you can make.

      Just be subtle about it…

  6. Ade says:

    Yes, this is true. Even if I don’t enter a blog via the about page, I almost always check that page out. I guess it humanizes something seemingly abstract or virtual like a blog in the blogosphere. People want a story to relate to. So this is something I need to do on my blog pronto….
    Ade recently posted..What Key Business Process Outsourcing Services Can Be Done In the PhilippinesMy Profile

  7. Chadrack says:

    Hi Yeremi,

    Hmm, I’ve read so much about crafting a killer about us page but have never heard of that signup box idea. I think is worth trying out. Thanks for the tips.
    Chadrack recently posted..The 3 Scientific Steps to Using Social Media for Online Selling!My Profile

  8. Ben says:

    Hi Yeremi :) Great tips. I’m not particularly happy with my About page, and I think you’ve given me a good reason to go and update it. I’ll be coming back to this and applying some of your tips. Thanks for the list!
    Ben recently posted..Blog Challenge: Stop Putting it Off – Make it Happen TodayMy Profile

    • Yeremi Akpan says:

      It’s always a pleasure to see you here!

      I am glad this post is of help to you. :)

      The thing I like most about your blog is the organization. The level of deliberateness that one sees in every feature shows a lot of thought went into adding it there.

      I would love to check out your about page after the update to see how it turns out!
      Yeremi Akpan recently posted..Rapid Blog Post Writing: A Step by Step StrategyMy Profile

      • Ben says:

        Thanks, Yeremi :) I appreciate your feedback on my blog. Indeed, I’ve put a lot of thought into the way it’s organised – not a lot of people would notice that. Paying attention to the small details along with the bigger stuff is, in my view, a major part of how you write such useful and insightful posts :) Keep it up! I’ll let you know when my About page is ready.
        Ben recently posted..6 Reasons Why a Cluttered Blog is a Bad ThingMy Profile

  9. Fiza says:

    Greeting Yeremi Akpan,

    Informative collection of tips you mentioned, I agree this “Your about page is not about you.” Certainly we should add some magnetic things for readers.

    Thanks for worth full post.

  10. bloomtools says:

    thanks for this great post. never had thought the page could be made interesting. It really is important to have these points on the about page, great content would help right was the thought but other points here are also important along with it. a really useful post.

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