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How Identifying Your Typical Reader Can Improve Your Blog Content

Have you noticed how our choice of words and manner changes depending on whom we are communicating with?

When you are speaking to your child, your manner is different from when you are speaking with your teenage daughter.

When you speaking to your boss, your manner changes from when you are speaking to your subordinate.

Context is as important as language, as context gives meaning to language. [Read more…]

Blog Traffic Guide: How to improve search engine optimization

Getting organic visitors to a blog is not the toughest task in the world. However, I would be a liar if I were to say that it is easy.

Receiving passive traffic will take hard work, but it is work that can be done.

improve search engine optimization

In this post, I will show you how to create content that is sure to attract a trickle of organic search engine traffic that easily adds up to take your blog to a sustainable income level.

This post shows you how to improve search engine optimization by going after long tail keywords with low competition, while still ending up with posts that makes sense. [Read more…]

How to Blog When You Honestly Have No Time

As we grow as bloggers, our commitments grow with us.

Juggling between meeting responsibilities in our lives and virtual worlds can stretch us to the seams.

It becomes only too easy for us to get overwhelmed and allow undergrowth to take over our blogs.

How can we ensure that despite our increasingly busy schedule our blogs do not come worse off? How can we ensure we give needed priority to creating awesome content for our readers? Without consistent quality content, we quickly lose the loyalty of our readers.

Indeed, what is a blog without the readers? [Read more…]

A Public Invite To a Private Google Plus Community

A couple of days back I created a community on Google +.

Consider this post the official invite.

Blogging tips have become so plentiful online.

While that is supposed to be a plus, the results have mostly been confusion.
What really works?

As you may know, my blog is a case study on what works today as far as
blogging is concerned.

So why a separate community?

The idea behind this community is to create a hot spot for active conversations
over some ideas we have before they make it into full-blown posts.

Here is your link: Pro Blogger Tips Community

One thing I can guarantee: Great ideas will be hatched here.

See you inside,

Ask The Readers: Should I Use Popups?

This is another ask the reader segment. I love hearing the opinions of my readers and nothing pleases me more than when I have a lively argument in the comment section.

Today’s topic will surely get an opinion from anyone who has been online for any length of time.

We have heard often that the money is in the list and that we have to grow our list as fast as possible if we are to turn our blog into a business anytime soon.

Studies have shown that pop-ups, annoying as they may be, convert higher than all other opt-in strategies.

That leaves bloggers at a dilemma: to use or not to use pop-ups. [Read more…]

What Danny Iny Taught Me About Raising Funds for Writing a New Book

About 10 months ago when Danny Iny started plans for his new Book Naked Marketing Manifesto, he turned the concept of writing over its head.

What he did was pure genius, and it has shown me that sometimes getting started on a new project is just a little creative thinking away.

Instead of spending months writing an eBook before getting feedback from his audience, Danny did things so differently that I wish I knew of this before committing to writing time on my just completed eBook. [Read more…]

Are You Committing Incest With Your Blog?

Strong words, I know.

How can a blogger possibly commit incest with his blog?

I have noticed a tendency of bloggers to form a small network of influence and stay in that circle for ages without making any out-roads.

When they write they write about other blogs in their circles. When they link they link to other bloggers who frequently link to them.

A closer look at their comments area of their blogs may even shock you more.

Comments on each post come from the same close group of persons who leave comments on all new posts in their buddy’s blog, as a duty, not out of any insight from the post.

Does this look like the story of your blog?

[Read more…]

Zyma Hosting Giveaway: 3 Free Hostings for a Year!

I got a mail about this hosting giveaway from the guys at Zyma months back, but did nothing about it because I realize how serious hosting is. Falling into the hands of a bad host can just break your blog, and of course your business.

After doing due diligence on Zyma Hosting, I am confident that they are safe to host your blog, brand and business.

Zyma has a great track record and their features compare comfortably with that of legacy hosting providers out there. So, who needs a new host?

Zyma Hosting giveaway

I know the question on your mind: “How do I enter this Giveaway?” [Read more…]

Guest Post Marathon: Wanted, 100 Guest Post Blogs!

I have decided to start writing as much guest posts as I can handle, and I thought: what better place to start than with my audience here on Pro Blogger Tips?

Any reader of my blog (well, almost) who wants a guest post can get one for the asking.

Frankly, have you heard something more insane than that?

I just want to do this as an experiment to see what happens when all my guest posts go off live at the same time. For one, I would want to see how this would impact on my SEO, and of course, traffic. [Read more…]

10 Simple WordPress Security Mistakes You Are Making Right Now!

After reading Adrienne’s latest post 8 Silly Mistakes You May Be Making on Your WordPress Blog, I was reminded of a post I had planned for a while, but never got around to writing.

I had wanted that post to be a sequel to my WordPress starter post Blogging Strategy 101: 10 Things to do After Installing WordPress.

Sadly, it never happened until now. Thank you, Adrienne!

I know you want to ask me why you should be concerned about security when your blog has nothing that would be of interest to a hacker (or so you think).

Why should every blogger be concerned about security of their WordPress blog, whether the blog is big or small? [Read more…]