Should You Always Blog About Topics You Love?

topics I loveIt is common knowledge that in selecting a niche for blogging, a writer should select one that he has a passion for. Without a strong love for your topic, your enthusiasm fizzles out and before long, your blog may just end up as an abandoned project.

For many years, I have not only been of that opinion, I had generously shared it too.

Of late, I have been having a rethink on my position. Of course, creating a website around a topic close to one’s heart is always a good idea, but that does not mean one must stay within his comfort zone.

The question I have is, what happens if the topic you are passionate about is over-saturated, or worst, unprofitable? Do you insist on building a blog around your subject of passion even in those circumstances?

Of course, if you are very passionate about a subject, you may be willing to blog on it even if the chances of making any money from it are slim. While not questioning the motivations of bloggers, you will agree that most bloggers hope to have monetary rewards for their efforts.

So what happens if the subject area you are passionate about does not receive even a hundred searches a month? What happens if there are practically no monetization options available in that niche?

Agreed, you could still go on and create a website that will command a good percentage of the search traffic available, but if you were to identify a profitable topic and you give it all the passion you can muster up, into the site, you could end up with a site that is a consistent earner.

One argument some persons proffer in favor of “passion niches” is that if you choose a topic based on profitability only you may soon lose the motive to continue, whereas a blogger in his passion niche will have materials for years to come.

While I admit that there is an element of truth in this, I still find the argument greatly flawed for it disregards one of the greatest motives ever – the profit motive.

The naked desire to make money can make one fall in a love with a subject matter where hitherto there was not even an element of interest.

Yes, the potential of financial gain can be a great source of motivation.

Put differently, if someone starts a blog in any niche and discovers that money is trickling in, no matter the subject area he would get up his act and get as motivated as possible. I am even sure they would even study as much as possible.

So when starting up a new blog, do not hem yourself in for that can kill your motivation faster than an unknown niche. Remember that while love sustains interest, it cannot pay your bills. You are safer with the most profitable topic you can find that you are passionate about, but when non fits that bill, go for the most profitable niche you can find.

The love of money will keep you motivated.

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