Why Your Blog Doesn’t Have Any Little Blog Friends

no-friendYou have been writing blog posts for months now about your favorite subject, the East Indian garden slug. You have amassed quite a collection of articles and edited them to perfection.

But despite a few loyal fans, your page count is depressingly low.

For some reason, nobody will link up with you!

What are you doing wrong? [Read more…]

Blogger Burnout: What Do I Do With My Blog?

(I never thought it would come to a time when I would have to write this post).

A little over a year ago, I started blogging with so much promise of great things to come.

But here I am today, typing away and wondering: “Just what went wrong?”

To put things in perspective, my last post on this blog was published approximately 50 days ago. That is scary, especially considering the fact that I knew I could have written one post for each of those 50 days, had I wanted to.

Sadly, it has not been so much about the time as it has been about the interest. [Read more…]

What is the Purpose of Your Blog?

Some businesses just get told to start a business blog and they jump on the band wagon without giving the decision some critical thought.

  1. What is the purpose of your blog?
  2. What does your blog promise?
  3. Why does it matter?
  4. Who stands to benefit from reading it?

Did you consider those questions before starting your blog? [Read more…]

Streamline Your Blogging With Front End Editing

Anyone with a WordPress blog is familiar with the hassle that is required simply to edit and update posts.

If you catch a typo, want to resize an image, or need to add some extra italics or bold, those simple changes require that you load the entire back-end of your blog, open the editor, make and save the changes, and then preview the changes on the front end.

It’s a long and often times frustrating process, considering how small and mundane the changes involved can be.

For those who are all too familiar with this runaround, there’s a new and better way to edit WordPress posts that will save time and allow bloggers to focus totally on creating content. [Read more…]

Are you a Blogger or a Programmer? (How to Grow Your Blog by Putting Code in Its Place)

What is your job description?

Are you a blogger or technical adjunct?

The truth is, blogging is fun – that is if you have the guts to cut off all the joy killers that you have rallying around your blog.

If you are not a programmer, then why are you messing around with code?

Just because you know how to add an image to a blog post does not make you a techie.

I am not saying you cannot learn the techie stuff; with some stubborn dedication to code you can unravel it, but is that the best use for your time? [Read more…]

Why Your Blog Doesn’t Need More Than One Post Per Week

This goes against everything you’ve been taught. Right? Well, stick with me for a few minutes and you’ll see the wisdom behind this.

First, I’ll ask you a question: Why do you publish posts on your blog? Answer this question as truthfully as possible because it will determine if you should even publish posts each week (or just once a month)…

Are your answers like…

a. I want to help a lot of people solve —- problems?

b. I want to build a followership that will hang onto my every word?

c. I want to build a vibrant community?

d. I want to presell targeted traffic and then monetize it?

e. I want to stand up for a cause I believe in? [Read more…]

Goodbye Fatcow, Welcome Hostgator! (What to Do When Your Host Goes Down)

Migrating to HosgatorYou may have noticed that I have been having some serious hosting issues.

At a point, it got so bad that three out of every five times I tried to access my blog, I ended up with some error.

I was getting emails from a number of regular readers about the downtimes and I at appoint I could no longer convince my myself that things would ever get better.

Put politely, my former web host failed to deliver on their promises. The manner with which they handled my hosting issues goes to show me how much an important decision choosing a web host is. [Read more…]

Does Your Blog Pass the Scannability Test?

What has the formatting of your blog got to do with the results you get? scannable blog posts

Simply stated, dense texts are hardly read.

The first consideration is that people are so busy that they cannot read a dense blog post from the start to finish even if their lives depended on it.

Having no time to waste, they largely resort to scanning through web pages until something interesting catches their fancy.

[Read more…]

How to Convert Readers into Followers

As bloggers, almost all actions we take are targeted at attracting attention.

Blogging, content marketing, SEO and social media are all aimed at the same goal: getting people who matter to us to notice us online.

Convert Readers into Followers

When you get their attention, what follows? [Read more…]

4 Awesome Tips for Dealing with Writers Block

Being a blogger is busy business.writers_block

We have writing commitments almost everyday: on our blogs, and on the blogs we guest post on.

If you have that schedule, surely every once in a while, you would get to have days when you are completely lost as to what to write on next.

The four tips that follows will show you how to step above writers block and come up with interesting content on demand. [Read more…]