How to Tell if a Blog is Do Follow or No Follow

Yesterday I posted a list of do follow blogs in the writing niche that you can comment on. In the spirit of full disclosure, I have decided to show you how to tell if a blog is do follow or no follow. It would be a big waste of time if your SEO efforts see you commenting on high ranking blogs with no follow link tags.

I will show you four ways of getting this done:

First Approach: SEOMoz Toolbar

Ever heard of SEOMoz? The premier search engine optimization company has produced a toolbar called mozBar. SEOmoz has produced and offers a very powerful free SEO toolbar for Firefox called mozBar.

A careful looks at the options available reveals a tiny “No follow” button. When pressed, all no follow links you stumble upon while browsing will be highlighted in red. How can this help your in your search for no follow blogs? Simply scroll down to comments in your target blog, and if they are highlighted in red, then you can tell the blog owner is stingy with link love.

Till date, I find this the easiest way to tell if a particular blog is no follow or not. 

Second Approach: Check Page Source

This is the oldest and surest way to check for no follow links.

1. Select and copy the anchor text, of a comment, then right-click on your target blog and click ‘View Page Source.’

2. Use the Ctrl+F command to open the search tab

3. Paste the anchor text you copied in step 1 into the search tab and search

4. The result will be displayed with a blue background

5. If you find anything like “rel=”nofollow”>” around the result, then the link is a no follow link

Third Approach: Google Search Engine

What if there were a search query you could use on google to retrieve results of do follow blogs by niche? I have two sample queries here for you:

“KEYWORD HERE” “powered by WordPress” “leave a comment” -“no comments”

“KEYWORD HERE” “Remember my personal information” “Notify me of follow-up comments”

Simply replace your keyword in the “KEYWORD HERE” section and enter this query into Google to find hundreds or most likely thousands of do follow blogs waiting for your comments.

Kindly note that there is no guarantee that the blogs that will come up after the search will be do follow. What you can be certain of is that by targetting those special phrases associated with do follow blogs, you would have eliminated most no follow blogs from your search result.

Fourth Approach: Do Follow Search Engine

If you would like to use a simpler search query to get do follow blog links, then try the do follow search engine by Inline SEO. Note that you can further refine the searches by keyword to narrow down results to niche categories.

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  1. KS Chen says:

    Great tips there, Yeremi. I especially fine the dofollow search engine pointer so exciting. I never knew there was something like that.
    KS Chen recently posted..What is internet blogging and what is the best blog website?My Profile

  2. Yeremi Akpan says:

    Thanks KS. I am glad you found something useful here. Nice blog you have there, by the way.
    Yeremi Akpan recently posted..104 Dofollow Blogs Where You Can Leave a CommentMy Profile

  3. Sam Baitz says:

    Nice information, many thanks to the author. I agree with your thought.Thank you for your sharing. Great post! It’s very useful for me.

  4. Interesting tips. Very nicely elucidated. I still think the second approach is still the best approach

  5. bloomtools says:

    really useful and informative post. Blog commenting is really a very useful way to get more traffic to the website. and commenting on the do follow blogs can really help a lot to get better and more traffic to the website. thanks for this great post.

  6. Great now i can auto detect the sites that carry the dofollow code.


  7. John says:

    There is a simple solution available for checking nofollow or dofollow in firefox.
    Just install nofollow addon, Right click on the page and select nofollow.
    This will let you know that which is nofollow and which is dofollow.

    John recently posted..Mortadella (Bologna) rolls with ricotta and olivesMy Profile

  8. Informative sharing on how to filter do follow and no follow link, i use search status for that.

    thanks for sharing :)

  9. firstseofirm says:

    Great blog Yeremi, its a nice tutorial for the SEOs who just started. Thanks to share such an important info with good words. Thanks.

  10. Steve D. says:

    Nice blog thanks for giving a useful information.

  11. Nice list of ways to determine if a blog is nofollow!

    Thanks for sharing

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