Guest Blogging – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

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Out of all the ways to attract sustainable traffic to your blog, the most effective for me remains guest blogging.

Guest blogging has been known to catapult virtually new blogs into stardom in a couple of months.

What is behind the huge success rates bloggers are getting with guest blogging?

There are a number of reasons one can list, but paramount is the fact that with guest blogging you ultimately kill a lot of birds with one stone. By this I mean that you get exposure, engagement with blog owners in your niche, backlinks to your site and ultimately a consistent stream of traffic from the sites where you do your guest blogging.

Before jumping into the world of guest blogging however, you need to realize that not all guest posts are successful. There are some mistakes that can clearly kill your guest blogging efforts in its tracks.

In this post, I will show you two goods, two bads and one ugly of guest blogging.

It is my earnest desire that after reading this post you will not only know what to not do as a guest blogger, but that you will know what to do and do them.

The Good of Guest Blogging

#1. Send out Your Best Work

As a guest blogger you have to realize that the only way to get is by giving. Do not hold back all the good stuff for your own blog.

Why is this tip important?

The object of guest blogging is to get traffic. How do you get the traffic then from someone’s site?

You get traffic by impressing the community so much so that those who read your article rush over to your blog to get more gems.

So don’t be selfish. The only person’s time you may end up wasting may be yours.

When crafting a guest post, ensure you have put in your very best into it. When a post was seriously crafted, the craftsmanship shows. And when people read your thoughtful contribution to your topic, they will naturally wonder: If he could give this to another blog for free, then his blog must be packed full of powerful stuff.

That is what brings traffic.

#2. Proofread Your Guest Posts

If your guest post is full of spelling and grammatical errors, even if it ends up accepted in one miserable blog, it will do your brand more harm than good.

A professionally written blog post should show careful thought.

It should also show afterthought.

So after you write your guest post, before you hit the send or submit button, proof-read the post carefully.

Nobody is above making a spelling mistake.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a natural speaker of the English language.

My blogging experience has shown me that there is a way with the finger on the keyboard. Sometimes you know the correct spelling of the word, but your fingers may just go ahead of you.

So before you submit, proof-read.

The Ugly of Guest Blogging

#1. Don’t Spam Your Guest Posts With links to Your Blog.

The temptation can be quite strong.

Here you are with an opportunity to send content to a ranking blog in your niche, why not add keyword-laden links to your web properties?

Before you jump on that route and reduce your guest post approval rate to next to zero, consider finding out from the blog owner how many links are allowed, and where you can place them.

Most blog owners permit links back to your blog only in the author’s bio area.

Others may allow you to add a link or two linking relevant content in your blog, if they consider your blog authority enough.

Before you add links and end up having your guest post rejected, take the time to communicate with the blog owner or read the guest post guidelines on the blog to know what the blog owner considers acceptable linking behaviour.

#2. Never Duplicate Your Guest Posts.

The serious blunder you must avoid is sending a single guest post to more than one blog.

Every guest post opportunity deserves a unique content.

Before you ask, I have to say that spunning an article is also a big no-no.

Sometimes you might be tempted to change a small portion of an article and submit it to another site as unique content, but never do it. When you are found out, you end up looking cheap, both to the blog owner and the audience you were trying to impress.


When done right, guest blogging can be a very effective way to network with other bloggers and make your blog popular in your niche.


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  1. Lee Ka Hoong says:

    I agree with you Yeremi, we only send out our best article to other blog as guest post, it does help a lot in branding our blog rather than publishing it on our own blog. Besides this, a link to our website at the end of the post is good enough, we just need a link to receive credit for our contribution and get people to know you. Somehow people will ignore your post when they see excessive of link to your website, it’s truth.

    Well said Yeremi.

    • Yeremi says:

      I am glad you found this post useful. An overload of links just gives you away as a hussler.

      Welcome to my blog!

  2. Deepak Gupta says:

    Another great article on guest blogging. Could you be a guest blogger at my blog too?

  3. Viola Tam says:

    Hi, Yeremi,

    Your Blog Title attracted me here as I was invited to do a guest blog when I was not quite ready. At that time, I was still new to blogging, I felt like I needed to learn a lot more before accepting the offer. Even months down the track, I believe I am still ‘not there’ yet.

    I appreciate your insights! The point on afterthought is an area that I will work on! Thank you again, Yeremi :)

    Viola Tam
    Viola Tam recently posted..MLM Prospecting Tips – Respecting Our ProspectsMy Profile

    • Yeremi Akpan says:

      Hi Viola,
      Thanks for your useful comments and welcome to our blog!

      Smart of you to hold back on guest posting until you found your voice, but do not hold back forever. It may be a good idea to start on smaller blogs feet-first before going full-plunge on bigger communities.

      That way, your confidence will increase as you find your way.

      Hope to see more of you here! :)
      Yeremi Akpan recently posted..10 Ways to Optimize your Blog for Subscriber Opt-insMy Profile

  4. If you are not sending your best work to the publisher, it would be rejected, I’m sure. Blog owners are now choosy when publishing guest posts.
    Santosh Mishra recently posted..Blogging for Money or Reputation – What Do You Think?My Profile

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