Let Me Help You Get Results By Writing Quality Content and Guest Posts for You

From tailored content development strategy to developing content to fit into your existing content plan, I can guarantee content results!

Find my services below:

1. Ghost writing Services

Need quality reports written in your name to establish you as an authority in your field? I can help you do that! With my strong research ethic I can gather the data and facts needed to quickly come up with a published work you will be proud to have your name on.

This is a professional service and not a write-mill, so you can expect that I will come up with a completed work that reflects your style, and best of all, is written in your voice.

Expect nothing short of quality from my ghost writing service.

2. Content Writing (Blog/Web)

Nothing will guarantee steady flow of traffic as a constant trickle of relevant content on your blog. If you do not currently have a blog, this is the time to start one!

A blog quickly establishes readership that you can convert into whatever action you desire. To succeed as a blogger, you need specialized knowledge and enough time to craft quality content on a regular schedule. I can help you out so you can focus on the running of your business.

I have been a professional blogger for two years plus and my blog has increased in readership consistently month after month. If that sounds like the kind of outcome you desire, then allow me to use my blogging service to grow your blog too.

To get this started, contact me with the form below.

3. Guest Blogging / Content Marketing

Of all content marketing efforts, guest blogging ranks tops as far as building recognition and traffic for your business goes. If you properly leverage this method, expect to get quality backlinks, exponential growth in traffic, expert status and brand awareness!

Guest blogging is my thing. Whatever the outcome you may desire from guest blogging, my guest blogging service was created with you in mind.

Feel free to contact me below so we can talk on how my services can help your business.

4. eBook/eCourse Writing Services

No matter the industry you find yourself in online, you will need a quality eBook to position yourself as an expert.

With a quality eBook you can expect to:

  1. Position yourself as an authority on a subject,
  2. Build an email list using it as an ethical bribe,
  3. Launch a viral marketing campaign,
  4. have a product you can sell to your audience.

If you would love professional help to write your eBook/eCourse, look no further. I will not just write your eBook, but will also commission the design of a professional eBook cover to increase visibility and perceived value your eBook attracts.

5. Email Copywriting/Newsletter Writing Services

You may have often heard that the money is in the list. Well, I want to take it further by saying that the money is in the responsive list. There is no value that you will get from a huge list if all they interaction they have with your mails is hitting the spam button.

How do you nurture a list that looks forward to your mails, and opens, reads them and takes action?

It begins with creating valuable and personable content. Content that gives, first of all, before considering selling.

My emails will help you establish rapport with your list and ultimately get them to take whatever action it is that you desire.

Whether you need a one-time email copy or an auto-responder sequence, contact me using the form below and I would be delighted to be of service.

6. Custom Service/Combination of Two or More Services

If what you have in mind is not listed above but you think I would be a good fit, or you want me to offer you a combination of two or more of my services, no problem.

Just say the word using the form below and I would be in touch!

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PS. I am very careful about whom I work with and, unfortunately, I can’t work with everybody. I only want to work with those who are committed to getting results. If you’re looking for cheap  articles written for you, I’m not your best fit. However, if you want premium content guaranteed to get results you should get in touch with me.