How Often Should You Blog to Increase Traffic?

Achieving a good posting frequency is required if one is to achieve and maintain high volume traffic and readership to your blog. If your blog does not have fresh content, people will have no reasons to continue visiting.

How does one determine a good number to stick with? By number Juggling? Or, by simply limiting one’s blog to a post a day or a week?

Here are my five keys to getting the numbers right when it comes to blog post frequency:

1. Do not Become Formulaic

Doing anything strictly by the numbers can soon get you into a bore. Writing for your blog should be exciting, not boring. When you see yourself beginning to need a chart to plot your post frequencies, then it is time to loosen up. That said,

2. How Long are your Blog Posts?

Some blog posts are long and some are short. Naturally, it may take less time to write a short blog post than it would take to write a long one. I have seen blog posts with almost 3000 word count. Surely if you write those kind of posts, it may be wise to limit yourself to one post a week or a few posts per month. This will ensure that the task of writing a new blog posts does not become a something to be dreaded because of the volume of work involved. Cf course, it would be counter-productive to sacrifice post quality on the altar of post frequency. Content is king. This has been said again and again. So the idea is, post as many times as you can without sacrificing on post quality.

3. How Much Time do you Have?

If you are a full time blogger with lots of time on your hands, you may be able to write a blog post every day. However, this may not be the case if the only time you have to blog is after a tiring 9-5. Another factor that comes to play is how much time you need to market your blog. Ideally, you should spend 3-5 times the amount of time it takes you to write a blog post in marketing it. So if you write a blog post each day, you may be required to spend at least four hours a day online.

4. Be Predictable

There should be a rythm to your blog posts. Your regular readers should be able to have a guesstimate of when your next post is due. Once you get them into this rythm, do not disrupt it. If fresh content is not something one can reasonably expect on your blog, your readers will find it difficult to fit your blog into their routine. A tip to keep you on the safe side of your blog audience is not starting on a pace that you will be unable to sustain in the long term.

5. Beware of Burnout

Even on a pace of a blog a week, I have sometimes fallen into the pit of “blogpression” where I feel one more keystroke and that would be the end of me. My advice, do not take a pace that you cannot comfortably chew. Both your readers and the search engines will prefer if you right often and regularly instead of daily and erratically.

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