Lower Your Alexa Traffic Rank – The ‘How To’ and Why It Matters

lower your alexa traffic rankGetting perspectives on the usefulness of Alexa rank can be a case of different strokes for different folks.

Depending on whom you ask, Alexa rank is either the best or worst thing to happen to the internet.

Those who have a low rank love it and those who have a high rank call for it to be disregarded.

That brings us to the pre-occupation of this post – how to lower your Alexa traffic rank, but first,

Understanding How Alexa Ranks Sites

According to Alexa, “the rank of a site reflects both the number of users who visit that site as well as the number of pages on the site viewed by those users”

If that is the case, why is the ranking not proportionate to a website’s traffic and page views as we established in the onset?

Another Alexa document tells us that the Alexa rank is made possible by the participation of the Alexa Toolbar Community.

Each member who uses the toolbar contributes valuable data back to the community about the web, how it is used pages visited and so on.

Using this data, Alexa can provide information about Related Links, Traffic Rankings and Keywords. While there may be more to the Alexa rank, Alexa has made this much clear: without their toolbar, the rank would be impossible.

It goes without saying that to lower your Alexa traffic rank you would need more web traffic, but as the above references show, what you actually need is specialized traffic – traffic from visitors who have Alexa Toolbar installed.

But is there any point trying to improve your Alexa rank, given the fact that it does not prove anything?

Why Alexa Rank Still Matters

Despite their irregular figures, having a high Alexa rank is still important for the following reasons:

  1. Attract Paying Advertisers: Despite the imperfect numbers, advertisers still use Alexa rank to evaluate a sites traffic potential. Advertisers don’t mind that the numbers are not perfect, so neither should you.
  2. Access to CPA Networks: Most CPA networks require a minimum Alexa rank to be allowed to share in their offers. Improving your Alexa rank will give you access to high converting CPA offers which can lead to more income from your blog.
  3. Attract JV Partners: Joint venture prospects use Alexa rank to weigh the credibility of potential prospects. So if you are interested in going into joint venture alliances in the future, it may be in your best interest to lower your Alexa rank.
  4. A Low Rank Signals Quality: To most internet users, a lower Alexa rank means higher quality and traffic. We all know that’s not true, but there is something to it. Having a site with a low Alexa rank means that you have frequently updated content that attracts readers to come back, so to a large extent the rank is a self-fulfilling prophesy.

Having established that it is worthwhile to have a low Alexa rank, we can now address the question of how we can lower your Alexa rank.

How To Lower Your Alexa Traffic Rank

  1. Install Alexa Toolbar: Alexa’s traffic rank can be boosted by installing the Alexa Toolbar or using the Search Status extension for Firefox and setting your web page as your home page. So if you have not already done so, I would suggest you download and install the toolbar.
  2. Ask your Readers to Install Alexa Toolbar: If a large number of your site visitors do not have the toolbar installed, their visits are lost and do not impact on your rank at all.Asking them to install the Alexa toolbar would be mutually beneficial as it can help reduce the rank of all the blogs in the community as a result of the cross traffic nature of blogs.
  3. Ask Your Readers to Review Your Blog: While it may be difficult to prove since Alexa has not ‘shown-all’, there is a strong correlation between a high Alexa and the number of reviews a site has received. Do you have any reviews?
    Shameless Plug: If you leave a review for my blog on Alexa, you can be sure I will return the favor if you notify me using my blog’s contact form. Please ensure you include your name and the url of your site.
  4. Be Active in Webmaster Forums: Have you noticed that tech related websites tend to have very low Alexa ranks?The reason is that most tech savvy persons have installed the Alexa toolbar already.If you are in a niche that may interest webmasters, you can get significant drops in your Alexa rank by being active in webmaster forums and referring traffic back to your site using your signature link.If you are in a non-tech niche, you can buy advertising from webmaster related websites and forums. The referral traffic will equally lower your Alexa rank.

Lets Play The Game: If you leave a review for my blog on Alexa, I will leave one for you too! Just drop your name and site in the contact page. ;)

Do you have other tips on how to reduce your Alexa rank? Share them in the comments. I would be privileged to learn from you.

About Yeremi Akpan

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  1. Hi Yeremi….
    I have one more Killer Tips to improve Alexa rank…..participate in comment exchange program.
    I mean to say that you should comment on bloging/technology niche blogs and they will visit your blog to return the comment.
    Most of these blogger (blogging/technology niche) use Alexa Toolbar so you get lots of traffic from Alexa Toolbar community and your Alexa Rank will improve quickly.
    sandeep kumar recently posted..Tips to write a Search Engine Friendly and Eye Catching TitleMy Profile

  2. Hi Yeremi,
    I have my experience to share with you.

    In order to improve your Alexa Rank just update your blog daily.
    I mean, you need to publish one post daily, at least.

    I did a test with my blog.
    In May-June of this year I updated my blog daily
    (almost all with guest posts) and my Alexa rank arrived to 29K!!!

    Since July I returned to my “standard” 3 posts weekly and now my Alexa rank
    is around 50k.

    The daily traffic is more or less the same. To be precise, now it is a little bit less, but not less enough to justify the drop from 29k to 50k, in my opinion.

    What do you think?
    Erik Emanuelli recently posted..5 Tips to Drive Traffic to your Blog without Organic Search TrafficMy Profile

  3. Bhushan says:

    It is good by you to suggest to readers to install alexa toolbar on your firefox browser. It works very well.i have already installed this toolbar on my browser because low alexa rank indicates more traffic on website and visitors are good.
    Bhushan recently posted..Inventory Management Software IndiaMy Profile

  4. Simmeon says:

    Hey Yeremi,

    Something I’ve been wondering about for a while now. Personally mine is “Quite Low” and I’ve not done anything special to reduce it down which is a blessing. I really don’t even know if we can knowingly doing something to lower our rank.

    I agree a lower rank can help us attract some “influential ” people.

    PS: I left you a review on Alexa.
    Simmeon recently posted..How To Build An Email List Using Monopoly MoneyMy Profile

    • Yeremi Akpan says:

      Hey Simmeon,
      Yes, you can knowingly reduce your rank – that was in fact the crux of the post.

      Your low rank indicates that what you have been doing is right, or at least, matches with Alexa’s expectations of right (even though you were not doing them intentionally).

      Thanks for leaving me a review on Alexa. Be assured I will return the favor. ;)
      Yeremi Akpan recently posted..4 Ways to Get Steady but Free Blog TrafficMy Profile

  5. Steve Hughes says:

    I think consistent posting as mentioned by Erik is the key to a better Alexa ranking. Links to your site play a part as well. So it’s fairly easy along as your consistent.
    Steve Hughes recently posted..8 Steps to Building a Strong and Fulfilling BlogMy Profile

  6. Great information. I posted a review for you on Alexa. I also put Alexa on my toolbar. Please return the favor at jackofalltraining.com

  7. Ramesh says:

    Will site review really works?
    Ramesh recently posted..Apple finally won patent battle against SamsungMy Profile

  8. Olusegun says:

    Hi, Nice one bro, I never knew Alexa can be this important to blog or website, I got to work on that quickly, thanks.
    Olusegun recently posted..What To Look For In A Two Way Radio SystemMy Profile

  9. anshul says:

    thanks for the tips . i think for lower alexa traffic rank your site need to be updated daily or need increase the traffic on your posts .and one thing that you said install alexa toolbar is the other method which decrese your alexa traffic rank.
    anshul recently posted..Online Banking SoftwareMy Profile

  10. Ben says:

    Hi Yeremi,

    Back when I ran a small blog ad network (2009-2011) I remember a lot of bloggers were discussing similar techniques.

    At the time Alexa provided stats that were so far off, hardly anyone actually paid attention to them. Since then, the stats are a bit better, but in much the same way as sites such as Compete and Quantcast, they can only give a rough indication and are not a true representation of anything, really.

    In my view, there’s little to no value in pursuing stats that require you to install a toolbar. I don’t believe any major ad networks are all that interested in Alexa stats – certainly not in isolation of any other stats. For instance, BuySellAds is a premium ad sales site and when you sign up, they ask for how many monthly pageviews you get. They don’t seem to ask you to prove this (they didn’t ask me anyway – I was honest and said I didn’t get enough pageviews to meet their threshold). But they clearly understand the benefit in genuine stats – and if you’re willing to supply screenshots of Google Analytics, it’s relatively simple to show those stats.

    Yes, advertisers may still look at Alexa – to a point. What’s much more likely is that your Alexa stats is one of a number of stats that an advertiser could use to cross-check the size of your site. So while Alexa might have some weight, there’s little point in attempting to influence it if your other stats are low :)

    As always, just my view :)
    Ben recently posted..Write Compelling Arguments and Captivate Your ReadersMy Profile

    • Yeremi Akpan says:

      Hi Ben,
      Thanks for your detailed comment. As usual, you have left a comment that shows you put considerable thought into whatever you say.

      I mostly agree with you – advertisers will use multiple stats to rate the suitability of a site in their program. An ad network that depends on just one metric to adjudge suitability would soon be a dumping ground for scum of the net. The big picture requires seeing from multiple perspectives, and Alexa rank is just one of those perspectives, but a perspective all the same.

      Having said that, for whatever it is worth a low Alexa rank is still a desirable outcome.

      We go out of our way to boost Google Page rank (you won’t want to hear how far some go, really!). Is the value variance between the two metrics so wide apart that just installing a toolbar would be going too far?

      That is debatable.

      True, when you do the things you should be doing, over time your Alexa rank naturally comes down, but for some niches it is almost impossible to achieve a low Alexa rank naturally owing largely to the fact that people in that niche do not use the Alexa Toolbar.

      The Alexa rank of your blog is relatively low, and believe me, that rank has been possible because readers of your blog considered installing the Alexa toolbar to be not so great a hassle. Their visits have helped lower your rank while increasing the perceived value of your blog.

      If not for anything else, you owe it to your readers to return the favor.
      Yeremi Akpan recently posted..4 Ways to Get Steady but Free Blog TrafficMy Profile

  11. Chris says:

    Hi Yeremi,
    great tips. I also agree with Sandeep – exchanging with other bloggers is very important to get your Alexar lower and lower ;)
    Chris recently posted..Make Money Blogging – Is it Really Possible?My Profile

  12. Vivek Kumar says:

    I agree to you Yeremi Akpan. Alexa stats are really important for bloggers if they want to make money with banner ads or by selling any links from their blogs or websites. But for the rest ( Like search result positioning and others ) I don’t think I need alexa stats.
    Vivek Kumar recently posted..How To Increase PageRank FastMy Profile

  13. Hello Author,

    Yes Alexa really matters for any site, If u r sites have less traffic then u r Alexa show high in Number , And its work visa versa.

  14. Shalu Sharma says:

    You are right, its a game and its being played. So what I get from your post is this. Alexa ranking is important only of advertising purposes. It does not affect traffic. But my feeling is that both Alexa ranking and Pagerank is loosing is usefulness and will not be relevant in the future.
    Thanks for the tips on lowering the rankings, you never know if might just be important if I ever use advertising on it.
    Shalu Sharma recently posted..Humayun’s TombMy Profile

  15. Yeremi Akpan says:

    @ All,

    I am so sorry for joining this conversation late.

    I had an unscheduled incursion into off-internet territory for a little above a week. In fact, I did not even have access to a mobile phone. I am back now! Phew!
    Yeremi Akpan recently posted..Lower Your Alexa Traffic Rank – The ‘How To’ and Why It MattersMy Profile

  16. Sunil says:

    hi, Yeremi Akpan
    Really this awesome post, i like this article most,….. after reading this i came to know lots of this to do lower alexa ranking……. wow….!! awesome post…. look out my recent post….
    Sunil recently posted..Mobile Guide-How To Get Back Your Lost or Stolen PhonesMy Profile

  17. Adrienne says:

    Hi Yeremi,

    I read a post similar to this a little while ago and I didn’t really think that it mattered what your Alexa ranking was. I mean mine was at a PR4 for the longest time and then with one of their updates it went to a PR2. I was shocked because I definitely follow all the rules and never do anything to warrant any penalties. It only took a few months and it was back to a PR3 where it’s remained and I get a lot of traffic and comments on my blog.

    I know it’s important if you want advertisers for your blog so I did learn why this is important to a lot of people. Heck, no one even noticed all that time that my blog was a PR4 so obviously to a lot of people they could care less about this. I know for me, I haven’t had the Alexa toolbar downloaded since I got this computer last year. Guess it was just one of those things I forgot to do. Oops…

    Enjoyed the post Yeremi and I know so many others will as well.

    Adrienne recently posted..What Kind Of Reputation Are You BuildingMy Profile

  18. George says:

    Hi Yeremi,
    I heard that alexa rankings are not so accurate, is this true?? But your article does make a lot of sense and you give some good point’s.
    George recently posted..Why You should Never Trust Alexa RankingMy Profile

  19. Neerav says:

    please suggest me what should i do for my website i want my alexa rank should less than 10 k .I tried your techniques kindly mail me what should i do to improve alexa rank and how much time this process take. website : http://www.southerntravelsindia.com
    Revert me ASAP

  20. alex says:

    akpan nice one am impress learned a lot i have a relating post on this same topic, your readers will love it

  21. Thanks for your advices. I will try it, and I hope I can get a better ALEXA Rank as soon as possible. Have a nice days… ^_^

  22. Afi Infotech says:

    Great tips shared here buddy !
    We achieved our alexa rank of less than .7 Million after we tried many of those tips .
    Everyone say’s alexa rank is not a big deal … but it really is . its tough !
    You need real hard-work to bring that down .

  23. Nitesh Ahir says:

    hello Yeremi,

    This is really great post & appreciated!
    hummm, I would like to ask you question about can you guide me or give me link about how to get traffic from specific country.
    Basically i have my site & it’s been targeting to usa since the website established! My website is getting visitors from other country as well but i would like to get visitors from the USA only.
    Many keywords is ranking on USA but still not getting specific visitors. can you guide me???


  24. Hi Yeremi,
    I managed to bring down my Alexa rank from 500K to 200K in just a week just by building few backlinks. Also I used to think that Alexa rank is totally useless but points you have mentioned in the “Why Alexa Rank Still Matters” section are really true. Great post!

    Anirudh Bahadur
    Anirudh Bahadur recently posted..Best Face Wash for Oily Skin: Olay Combination/Oily Foaming Face Wash ReviewMy Profile

  25. Abhishek says:

    Any idea why suddenly the Alexa rank starts going high (worse)?

    It was all going good for my blogs and now suddenly the alexa rank is going high, despite that there is no change in traffic or post frequency.

  26. Commenting on blogging and technology blogs is sure to improve my Alexa traffic Rank? Amazing tip!
    I am commenting as we speak. LOL.

  27. I have a couponing/freebies blog so I post anywhere between 10-20 posts a day. So posting more does not raise rank from my experience. Do you have any tips? I am currently trying to get into an alexa hop group where we visit each others blogs weekly and leave comments and such Hoping that helps!
    amber pafford recently posted..*FREE* Wolfgang Puck Iced CoffeeMy Profile

    • Yeremi Akpan says:

      Hi Amber,
      Alexa is a traffic rating. As such, the frequency of posts on its own merit cannot reduce your Alexa rank if no one is reading them. Any activity that will bring traffic to your blog will effectively reduce your rank. Your idea of an Alexa hop group is a nice one. Make sure you all install the Alexa Toolbar in your browsers beforehand.

      Of course, applying the other suggestions in this post will get you on the way.

      Thanks for the comment, and best wishes on your projects…

  28. i’m glad to learn it. but now we’re google page rank down for restart sitemap on webmaster can anyone suggestion me?
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  29. Thanks for great information. now i’m trying to improve my site Alexa position. Thanks again.
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  30. Ravi says:

    right, There are many techniques to improve Alexa ranking, most of them have been mentioned in your blog. I recently learned some new techniques from your blog,

    We can invite friends, clients and customers who know us to write review on Alexa


  31. Len says:

    Thank you for your insightful article. I just sent you an email as well to exchange Alexa review.

  32. Is Alexa biased? Just recently Alexa has shown that i do not have search engine traffic which Google analytics indicates otherwise and this has increased my Alexa ranking a little. Why is it so?
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  33. faraz says:

    Yesterday i installed alexa toolbar in my blog and i saw the magic..
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  34. Ally says:

    Thanks for the post!
    Ally recently posted..Why You Need a Gap YearMy Profile

  35. Asif Khan says:

    Great post, always looking for ideas on improving my Alexa ranking.

  36. Thanks for this very useful information! Now I can improve my Alexa rank. By the way, can you suggest ways to attract more US visitors and increase US traffic?
    Jeremy Hawkins recently posted..Make Money on Google Adsense: Tips to Maximize Adsense IncomeMy Profile

  37. babita tomar says:

    why sometimes even after having good amount of visitors alexa ranking doesn’t improve. Plz guide me.

  38. Rohan Advani says:

    Thanks for the tips buddy !! Am going ahead and reviewing your blog on alexa, I hope you do the same !! :) !! Cheers!!!
    Rohan Advani recently posted..Top 10 Tallest Skyscrapers in the WorldMy Profile

  39. camput says:

    Its a nice tips to low alexa rank, thanks bro…
    camput recently posted..Follow These Tips To Feel Great And Look BeautifulMy Profile

  40. Julia Gibson says:

    Great tips! Thank you! Left a review on Alexa. :-)
    Julia Gibson recently posted..Wordless Wednesday-January 23rdMy Profile

  41. Informative and also cleared doubts and confusion of Alexa ranking. But can u tell that the global rank is more important or the regional rank as i live in India so ? Or is there any connection in both ?
    Pratik Chourdia recently posted..Buy Handloomwala Single Bed Sheet + Pillow Cover at Just Rs. 299 OnlyMy Profile

  42. Nick Marr says:

    Alexa is a blunt tool but useful all the same I cant help but think that it has a US website bias , UK sites Alexa rankings in my view are more inaccurate owing to the fact Alexa has less UK users.
    Nick Marr recently posted..Property searches on Google rise 253% in four yearsMy Profile

  43. Francis says:

    I have always wondered about having a low Alexa rank. I must admit that its is still confusing. Not quite sure what is really relevant. But I do agree some advertisers believe in this. I started my blog some months ago and I am testing all these theories. I should write a blog pretty soon about what works and what does not. I will try your suggestion.

    By the way, I will leave a review of your website on Alexa. Please do likewise. Thanks :)
    Francis recently posted..Naspers, MIH Internet Africa discontinues with Mocality in Nigeria and KenyaMy Profile

  44. Audrey says:

    Great site :) Thanks for ideas to bring my alexa ranking down. I am wanting to product reviews…so need to get lower numbers
    I left a review for you on alexa


  45. chinu jhon says:

    Thank you so much for your idea. Its really working. I think its very useful for me for bring my site’s alexa raking down…

    Chardham Yatra package

  46. suzy says:

    at first this method was working like a charm for me but now a after i reached under 10 lac in world, its taking time to improve ranking…

    no one have ever reviewed my blog and i think i have to work on that…
    suzy recently posted..Simple Link Building TacticsMy Profile

  47. Find me says:

    My website alexa ranking is very high. Now i follow all tips from your post.. thank you

  48. Hi Yeremi, Thanks for the great tips. I just reviewed your site on Alexa. I hope you can do the same for me at http://www.alexa.com/siteinfo/torontonicity.com

  49. Dom V says:

    Loved the post, also reviewed your site on Alexa btw!

    • Yeremi Akpan says:

      Hi Dom, thanks for the review!

      As I stated in the post, to get a review from me, you were supposed to notify me of your review using the contact form on this site.

      However, that is not all there is to my not reviewing your blogs. As you can see from my last two posts, I have been away for more than 50 days.

      Review Posted!

  50. cw234 says:

    This was a good informative post, and I wrote a review for your site! I would appreciate the same!

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  51. aman says:

    Yeremi Akpan tnx for sharing such indepth stats bout alexa,,, it really helped me a lot,,, but my concern is WHY MY SITE careerscopeinternational.com is not on alexa ranking…. plzz help me ….. waiting desperately for ur reply

  52. For all Alexa fanatics…

    We have recently launched a service to track Alexa rank history.

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  53. Lori says:

    Thank you for the Alexa review, Yeremi!

  54. Hi Yeremy, excelent post, I reviewed your site on Alexa and I notified you using your blog’s contact form . I have a question, after I installed Alexa Tool Bar, I couldn´t find the yellow star button for reviews, do you know where can I find it.


  55. Carlota says:

    Oh my goodness! Impressive article dude! Thanks, However I am having troubles with your
    RSS. I don’t know why I am unable to subscribe to it. Is there
    anyone else having similar RSS problems? Anyone who knows the answer will you kindly respond?


  56. Mark says:

    Alexa no longer supports the review on Alexa as you mentioned. Thanks for the shameless plug to help each other out but shame on you for not keeping this article up to date.
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  57. 9jagist says:

    Thanks, it was indeed a helpful post you got her

  58. Dom V says:

    Well my alexa review link is: http://www.alexa.com/write/review/domvan.com
    I do return the favor.

    Dom V
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