Make Money from Home Blogging – 5 Simple Tips

Make money from home bloggingAs Internet businesses take charge of the current global investment trends, focus has now shifted to find ways in which to maximize revenues from these platforms.

Blogging is one trend that has grown steadily to claim a spot in online marketing and the number of people who make money from home blogging, has been growing exponentially. With a simple blog, you can employ different techniques to reach a large segment of the 2 billion global Internet users.

A Technorati 2011 State of the Blogosphere Report indicated that 65% of the self-employed bloggers felt brands are taking them seriously, a subtle way of saying that they make money blogging, make money from home. If you have lost your job or want to make money from home, this is a good avenue.

Setting up a Monetized Blog

A blog is simply a website with entries in reverse chronological order meaning latest updates appear at the top of your page. To create a reliable blog, a domain name is required and should contain keywords which feature prominently in your target demographic. Registering for your domain name is easy and in most cases free. A free domain service is advisable for beginners to get a feel of the blogosphere. Afterwards, you can move to self-hosting which involves buying a domain name and paying a monthly fee for web-hosting services.

Ways to Make Money from Home Blogging

While many naysayers argue that you cannot make money from home blogging, make money from home popular bloggers who at one time were struggling to monetize their blogs now make millions of dollars in revenue from their blogs. Over the years, several blogging avenues have proved to be sure money makers.

Here are a few of them:

Affiliate programs

If your blog ranks high in search engines, it can serve as a conduit between consumers and online stores. Popular affiliate programs include Amazon, E-junkie, Flexoffers among others. Through reviews or product mentions, affiliate programs create links directing traffic from your blog to their landing page for a fee.

Integrating offers in your blog posts is a fool-proof way to make money from your blog, as long as you have some traffic.

Selling Advertising

Google’s AdSense is a leader in this area although other sites such as Chitika also offer PPC services. Here, you can either choose the adverts you want to feature on your blog or let the company running the PPC program choose the ads to place on your blog. After they are placed there, you earn through a per click rate agreement when your blog visitors click on those ads. There are also CPM ad networks that pay per impression though these would be more effective as your traffic grows.

Direct ad sales

If you are serious on making money, you can start selling ad space directly to companies. Some of the most famous blogs at present started off this way and you can approach local companies and explain your innovative idea.

Selling/flipping blogs

With time, your blog might get a huge following at which point you may decide to cash out. To do this, you may consider putting up for auction at eBay or sitepoints. Based on history, a blog with a huge following is bound to garner you a tidy sum.

Donations and tips jar

It might sound ridiculous but if your blog addresses issues that affect the majority of the population such as health or tax filing, your loyal readership can contribute money to help you sustain it.

All said, remember traffic is the Holy Grail for your blog’s success. As such, step up your efforts on directory and article submission, social bookmarking, email marketing, creating Squidoo page and other proven SEO techniques which will draw readers to your site. Although it might sound a bit conceited, there is no punch here: there is a real opportunity to make money from home blogging.

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