How to Make Money Online Writing Sales Letters

The sales letter writing business is one of the most lucrative for any writer serious about making money online. This is because as a sales letter writer you practically name your price! Nobody sets the price but you.

This singular fact has made sales letter writing so attractive to the few writers who have discovered it to be the goldmine that it is.

As a writer, one of the best things you can do for yourself is to learn how to write emotional copy. Which would you rather be? The writer who makes eight dollars for a 700 word article on iWriter, or the one who make $1500 for a 1200 word sales copy? I am sure that one is a no brainer.

So how can a writer get started on the path to making money as a sales letter writer? This article will show you five steps from sales letter newbie to sales letter pro.

Who is copywriting for?

If you know how to write an email, then you know how to write a sales letter. So how do you tell if your writing sucks? You have been exposed to great copywriting all your life. By sheer exposure alone, you should know what makes a great copy. In fact, you do, but you are just yet to put the knowledge to words.

Quite true, eating a carton of cakes cannot make one a master baker, but it can at least give one experience on what a great cake should taste like. When your writing becomes great, your years of exposure to great copy on TV ads, magazines and newspapers will tell you that you are there.

People will react to what you write, and take the action you want them to take, be it to buy a product, click a like or subscribe to a list. When they cannot take the action you want, they will feel a sense of loss, of losing out on something great. And it will be with deep regrets.

So how can you get started online as a copywriter?

  1. Create a portfolio: As a startup sales letter writer, remember you have no pedigree. People will be skeptical about your writing abilities. How can you help them decide to hire you even though you have no track record? You need a portfolio. Spend as much time as you can to craft a sales copy for any product of your choice online. When you are satisfied with your copy, select another product in a different industry and write copy for it.
  2. Do intense research: The bulk of the work of copywriting has nothing to do with writing.Your research should not focus on the product alone; look at the competitors to your client. How are they doing? Does their product have feature yours lack, or do you have features they do not have? Having this information can help you write a quality sales letter.
  3. Never try to sell a bad product: There is nothing as difficult as trying to sell a bad product. Before you accept a copy, make sure what you are trying to sell is worth the buyer’s time. Do not try to con people with spiced up copy into buying a product that is of no use to them. If you your client require a copy for a product that has false claims, do not feel you have no responsibility simply because your name is not on the copy.
  4. Spice up your copy with testimonials: Having testimonials as a copywriter is a great experience. It validates the fact that the product you are selling is great. If your client does not have testimonials, ask for the contact of his customers and interview them about the product you are trying to sell. Never fake a testimonial, even if what you say is about the product is true.
  5. Be selective: Don’t write them all. Some deals may not be worth it. They may task you overmuch while they pay you quite low. When you meet offers that are not profitable, be steadfast to what you are worth. Remember, you are a copywriter because you want to make more dollars to the word than the average writer. Do not jump from the frying pan into the fire.

This post is just the first part of a series of copywriting posts I will make on the blog. If you are not subscribed, please do so now so you do not miss any of the great content to follow. I will teach you how to make money online as a copywriter. That is a promise.

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  1. Troy McCoy says:

    Great advice Yeremi. I feel that quality headline writing is a lost art and probably the most under appreciated and under utilized tool in the IM’ers tool box. Bloggers could increase their viewership by massive numbers by writing intelligent and intriguing headlines for their posts. A great resource that was written in 1925 is still a great resource today – John Caples “Tested Advertising Methods”. Anyways, thanks for the good read at the end of the day and the reminder to focus on quality content.
    Troy McCoy recently posted..How to Start a Blog, Quit your Day Job and Work in Your UnderwearMy Profile

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