How to Redirect First Commenters to a Thank You Page

Redirect first commenters to thank you page

Whatever happened to appreciation?

I have received a number of emails on how I created a redirect for first time commenters to a thank you page.

I know it seems quite geeky, but anyone with a sense of relationship building would know that thanking first time commenters will encourage them to comment more often on your blog.

People repeat the behavior that is rewarded.

In this post, I am going to show you how to redirect first commenters to a thank you page. I will also look into the structure of a good thank you page and what you should consider when creating one.

Part 1: What Goes in a Thank You Page?

The structure of your thank you page is very important if it is to yield desired results. A close look at mine will reveal I have broken my thank you page into three parts:

1. My Thank You Statement

Genuine appreciation is rare these days, which is why saying thank now seems quaint.

My thank you page opens with me saying thanks. It is a good idea to show some personality here and be informal. You are trying to get your commenter to view you as a real person, so act like one.

If you want to be liked, be likeable.

2. My Mailing List Optin Form

Those who leave a comment on your site obviously take you seriously enough to commend your post or raise a dissension. It is those who take you seriously that hand you their emails. Ask for their emails just after a comment and most likely you will get it.

Why is the conversion of this landing page so high?

The reader who gets to your comment thank you page most likely used his most valid email to leave a comment, as his Gravatar account is tied up to that account. Most likely, he will use that same email address – his most important – to signup for your list.

3. My favorite posts

It is also a good idea to add a some very successful posts on your site to provide them with a place to go after the read your thank you message. This will also demonstrate to them that the successful post you made that got a comment from them was not a fluke.

If you have guest posts on very popular blogs, it is also a smart move to mention them here as this will demonstrate your expert status in your niche.

Part 2: Redirecting First-time Commenters to a Thank You Page

redirecting first commenters to a thank you page

The building process…

Now to the business of the day, here is how to redirect first time commenters to a thank you page:

1. Create your thank you page

The first thing to do is to go into WordPress and create a page using the structure outlined in the Part 1 of this post. Use a separate sign-up form from the others used on your site so you can track the number of persons signing up from your thank you page.

It’s a smart idea to add a personal picture to this post to give it that personal touch that will drive conversions.

2. Install the plugin

Its time to install the plugin responsible for the redirect. As usual, you can either choose to download and upload your plugin, or install directly from WordPress dashboard.

I prefer installing from within WordPress. If you are like me, go to the plugins page and click on “Add New” and click on search. When the search form displays, type in “Comment Redirect by Yoast” and click on “Search Plugins”. Select, install and activate the “Comment Redirect” plugin.

3. Set your thank you page

Notice the “Comment Redirect” that has appeared in the Plugins section of your dashboard sidebar? Click on in and set your thank you page.

That’s it, you are done and ready to redirect your first-time commenters to a thank you page.

Can’t Wait to Try this Out?

If you are new here, leave a comment on my blog and see for yourself how it works. If you are an old commenter, you may try out the comment redirection with a misspelling of your email address. Have nothing to say? No problem, you can just tell me how handsome I am – I promise, I won’t let it get to my head.

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  1. Uwem Andrews says:

    Just testing out with a wrong email. Great post…

  2. Celena Kuat says:

    Thanks for this useful post. Lovely cuties…
    Celena Kuat recently posted..Strength Training Exercises to Reduce Man BoobsMy Profile

  3. What an AWESOME idea. I am test driving it right now. Thank you!

  4. Ade says:

    I’ve seen this on a few blogs and you are right, it makes the commenter feel a bit special. It increases engagement and lets you showcase some more of your wares so to speak. All these little touches help to make a blog successful.
    Ade recently posted..What Key Business Process Outsourcing Services Can Be Down In the PhilippinesMy Profile

    • Yeremi Akpan says:

      Ade, nice to have you over here. As I learned from Adrienne Smith, you have to get personal. Thanking your commenters is a good way to get started on that journey.

      So when are you implementing this on your blog?

      • Ade says:

        I was actually going to write a blog post about doing this as I made the change so you have kind of beaten me to the punch (although I know you have already implemented the thank you page).

        I look at other blogs and see how they do things and add things I like to a list of things I mean to do to mine. I noticed yours does this, as does Derek Halperns and Blogtyrant. I thought it helped make them stand out so added it to the list. Stay tuned !

        As I say, blogs have to evolve which can take time. This can be frustrating but also exciting if you do something each day to take you forward.
        Ade recently posted..What Key Business Process Outsourcing Services Can Be Done In the PhilippinesMy Profile

        • Yeremi Akpan says:

          Ade, Great to hear you have a list of future mods for your blog. I work the same way and this feature actually came from just that kind of list.

          A blog is always a work-in-progress, so my ideas list is never empty.

          Take the baby steps forward – it is in progression that we progress. Be rest assured that I am watching, and tuned onto your blog. Thanks for the comment…
          Yeremi Akpan recently posted..How to Redirect First Commenters to a Thank You PageMy Profile

  5. Alex Joseph says:

    Thank you very much for the idea. I had never thought of it, but can see that how valuable it could be to appreciate people who take the time to comment on your site. Many commenters do not come back to the blog and this will be a great way to engage them more in the conversation. Thanks again!
    Alex Joseph recently posted..Gamification: Parenting to Enterprise SoftwareMy Profile

    • Yeremi Akpan says:

      Quite true Alex!

      How different that would be if we only took the time to get personal.

      Your readers want to know their contributions to your blog are valuable. If you don’t tell them, who will?

      Apart from the thank you page strategy for new commenters, I send mails every once in a while to my frequent commenters, thanking them for the time they spend adding value on my blogs. Those emails are always well received and replied and I have noticed they have created loyalty in my audience…
      Yeremi Akpan recently posted..How to Redirect First Commenters to a Thank You PageMy Profile

  6. Excellent idea and one that I definitely need to implement. Thanks for explaining how.
    Matt Southern recently posted..What Can Social Media Do For Your Business? Whatever You Want It To DoMy Profile

  7. JLDaniel says:

    I do content for a living — and regularly write/rewrite web content. LOVE the thank you concept. Sharing with clients immediately.

  8. Chris says:

    Hi Yeremi, great article. Unfortunately 2 of my prior comments probably land in your trash… BTW – I just introduced your tip on my blog ;)
    BR, Chris
    Chris recently posted..How to Get Likes on Facebook – 500 and More FB Likes in 2 days!My Profile

  9. I love this idea! Testing it out now
    Heather Steele recently posted..A Word of Caution to Affiliate MarketersMy Profile

  10. Glori Surban says:

    I’m trying to learn as much as I can about WordPress before starting a blog there. I’m currently on Blogger because it so user-friendly.

    Thanks for this great how-to!
    Glori Surban recently posted..The Pros and Cons of Guest Blogging for Freelance Writers and Small Business OwnersMy Profile

  11. Chris says:

    Hi Yeremi,
    great idea with “Thank you page”. I just implemented it on my blog ;)
    BTW – it’s my third try to comment below this article. Hopefuly it doesn’t land in spam trash again :)
    BR, Chris
    Chris recently posted..How to Write an Article in Less Than One Hour – 10 Useful TipsMy Profile

  12. Love to learn new extras like this! Thank you for the great instructions Yeremi :)
    Carolyn Hughes recently posted..Why me? Why not me?My Profile

  13. Great post! I had never considered this before, however, it makes total sense. Thanks for sharing this great idea with us!!!
    Jessica Stone recently posted..This 1 Thing May Be Leading You Directly Into DiseaseMy Profile

  14. Thank you for this post, Yeremi! Hopefully I will be able to direct more people to my site, which is much needed!
    Mary Marriner recently posted..A Hawk! Worth the wait!My Profile

  15. Hey Yeremi…..
    Its really great bro…. you have share something for which i was looking from some time….
    I’ll create my Thanks page soon.

    Thanks for sharing such a cool and must have How Tos.
    sandeep kumar recently posted..Bloggers are Better Human Being | Blogging encourage HumanityMy Profile

  16. Adrienne says:

    Hi Yeremi,

    Well my comment will be a little different then your others.

    I don’t like Thank You pages and I’ll tell you why. I know the purpose of them so for those reasons they’re good but I don’t share posts on the social networking sites until after I’ve commented. It’s just a habit of mine and I’m sure I’m not the only one.

    Once I hit the “Post Comment” button and I’m directed to a different page, I will not come back to do those other steps. We all know that people are busy and they have other things to do. So if I have to go to the trouble of coming back to your post to share it with my friends then I’m not going to do it.

    So enticing your readers to opt-in to your list and read your other posts is beneficial in that way, a lot of people just don’t have the time it takes to come back and take those other steps.

    So that’s my two cents worth and hope you don’t mind my opinion on this one but it is a great post and you definitely share what you use it for and how to set it up so for that, awesome info.

    Have a wonderful day Yeremi!


    P.S. By the way, you don’t have your Twitter ID set up so when people share your post you have no idea who did that for you so you can thank them. Just thought you’d want to know.
    Adrienne recently posted..What Facebook Can Teach Us about Rapidly Growing Your BlogMy Profile

    • Yeremi Akpan says:

      Hey Adrienne,
      This is quite an interesting perspective that you bring to the discussion. I never really thought about it that way.

      It is definitely a thought worth keeping in mind when considering a thank you page for your blog.

      On the other hand, since this plugin only redirects first time commenters, I would think that the damage may not be too bad.

      Every subsequent comment made with the same email address does not get redirected.

      On the whole, everyone should weigh both sides of this discussion and decide which option fits with the overall strategy for their blog.

      P.S. Thanks for bringing the twitter name thing to my notice. I will do a little research on how to correct that.
      Yeremi Akpan recently posted..Rapid Blog Post Writing: A Step by Step StrategyMy Profile

  17. Chadrack says:

    This is a very good tactic I used sometime ago on my blog. But after moving the blog around to a new host I just plain forget about it. I will just need to reword mine and use it again. Thanks for sharing this.
    Chadrack recently posted..What Do You Think Of A Bloggers’ Hall Of Shame?My Profile

  18. I thank you for this post.

    I have seen this on some blogs and I wonder how they did it. This post made me realize, so I am going to try it out on my blog now :)

    Thanks again!
    Kharim Tomlinson recently posted..Awesome Backlink Strategy And Great Backlink TipsMy Profile

  19. Very amazing post, but do have any tip how we can do that on blogger (blogspot) platform?

  20. Samuel says:

    Been looking for a way to add Such Page to encourage my Little Subscribers.
    Samuel recently posted..Top WordPress Plugins To Reach The Top!My Profile

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