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Yeremi Akpan

Let the “postathon” begin!

Starting from today, I am going on a guest “postathon” and writing at least two guest posts every day for ProBloggerTips.

As you may have noticed from the content I publish here, I am very serious about my writing and what I post to my name.

If you want content from me to go on your website, all you need to do is ASK.

To make this mutually rewarding, I have chosen to set the criteria for selecting blogs I will post on as follows:

  1. Your Blog Must Be In My Niche: Simply put, your blog must be on blogging, SEO, traffic, content marketing, affiliate marketing, make money online etc. If your blog is in a different niche but you are willing to accept content related to my own niche, we can still work together.
  2. Suggest a Topic: While not compulsory, providing me with a topic for the guest post makes things a lot more easier for me, as I can proceed to write right away without spending time working out what topic would be appropriate for your audience.
  3. Your Blog Must Be a PR2 or Alexa 500,000: I will only send guest posts to blogs that are at least PR2 or Alexa 500, 000. If your blog meets that criteria, then send me a request and I will be happy to start work on your guest post pronto.

As long as you meet the conditions set above, sooner or later 3 days to 1 week I should have a guest post ready for you.