SEO friendly press releases – the A to Z guide

The way people search for information has changed dramatically.SEO friendly press releases

To be in their face, we have to change too, and be where they are they are literally, and that is online.

Sadly, being online in itself does not guarantee that our website will receive the attention it deserves.

We still have to go out of our way to bring the traffic in, and today that involves writing SEO friendly press releases.

In the past, PR was a good way to generate traffic and that alone. But all these have changed dramatically. There is a lot more you can do from a search marketing perspective that can turn your press release into a search release – sending you to the top of the SERPs.

Knowing how to write such press releases is a crutial skill for any content marketer who hopes to compete in this age of brutal search marketing.

Do you need to turbo charge your press releases for maximum impact on both search engines and human visitor?

This post will show you how to create compelling, SEO friendly press releases that will get you noticed both by humans and the search engines.

Best Practices in Writing SEO Friendly Press Releases

 1. Use Your Primary Keyword in the Press Release Title

I hope I do not have to explain why this is important. Keywords in your press release title is as important.

2. Start With a Punch

Avoid fluff when writing your press release. Start with a punch that includes the main keyword you are targeting.

If you do not engage the audience in your first few sentences, chances are you have lost their attention.

3. Put Anchor Text Links to Your Site

Most PR distribution sites allow anchor text links. What this means is that you can have your press release with your keyword in anchor text syndicated across media sites on auto pilot giving both your websites and your keywords visibility in your press release.

Those links stay alive and will continue to bring you traffic for months, if not years to come.

Anchor text links pointing to your site are also a very good way of telling Google and other search engines what your site is about.

4. Be Concise

Press releases should not be verbose or full of flowery language.

Go straight to the point and communicate why you think you deserve the attention of your audience.

Most news sites may even reject your press release for verbosity. It is a good idea to eliminate unnecessary adjectives an adverbs from your writing.

5. Don’t Give it All Away

If your press release tells it all, readers may have no reason to follow your links back to your site. As a good story teller, you have to master the art of whetting the appetites of your audience and making them ask for more.

Provide the solution to the issue raised in your press release, but do not fail to leave a hook.

You could close with a paragraph like: “Mathew Herd has been in the auto industry for more than ten years,  and has written more than six books on the subject of Car Safety. For a free chapter of his new book,  Crashing the Car – How Car Safety Investigators Have Decieved Americans, visit his site for immediate download. (Remember to add a link to your site at this point).

How to Get Press Release Ideas

Some persons feel they do not have a story to make a great press release from.

Here are four ways to get smart ideas for your press releases:

1. Controversy.

Controversy sells.

Press releases that are controversial tend to turn out the most successful.

Look for anything you may not completely agree with in your niche and rise up against the position. It is a great way to get attention.  WARNING: In using controversy, you have to use caution to ensure you do not get extreme.

Check out the news in your industry and find out what the new thing is.

You can piggy-back on a trending story by releasing a press release that tells your take on the news, recent study or any news-worthy social issue. That should serve as a hook to draw the reader into taking the action you desire.

For best results, pick a big story that is getting a lot of attention.

2. Announcing a new product or service

New product launches are also a very good opportunity to do press releases. When you have the next product launch lined up, generate maximum buzz by sending out SEO friendly press releases.

If you think it will cost you money, calm down.

There are free ways of running successful press release campaigns that will generate thousands of backlinks for at absolutely no cost.

I will show you how in a future post.

3. Sharing Case Study and Survey Findings

There is so much information online right now that managing the load into manageable chunks is a big problem. Case studies and surveys contain analyzed data that take the pain out of decisions and research for your audience.

Do you have case studies lying around as blog posts?

Highlight them as press releases and spread the seed out and see where it gets you.

4. Winning an Award

If your service or blog has won an award, it would be a good idea to let people know using a press release.

Of what use is an award if it does not give you bragging rights?

Let the world know about the award and what you did right to deserve it.

Summing it Up

Of all the tips I have shared here, the most important one as far as I am concerned is getting top stories in the media to ride on.

When you ride on the popularity of news, your story becomes news.

If you do not take anything away from this, take this.

I will publish a post soon that will show you a template that has worked for me in getting maximum results from my press releases.

As soon as I make the follow-up posts, I will update this post so you miss nothing new.

[Update] I have since published a list of free press release distribution sites.

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