Start Your Own Blog – A Complete Guide to Setting up a Blog

Welcome, newbie blogger!Start a Blog That Matters

Most likely, you have come here to learn how to make money blogging.

This is my step by step guide to get you started with your own blog by the end of the day.

I have a few blogs scattered about, some I am proud of while and some I run just for the money and would not care to be associated with publicly ;).

The one thing that runs true across all my blogs is that in time they make me money.

Starting your own blog is quite a straight-forward process – starting a blog that makes you money is however not a ride in the park.

In a short time, by producing quality content and positioning your brand effectively, you would not only have made a name for yourself, you would also have set the foundation for a system that will provide you with a guaranteed source of income.

I know that sounds exciting, but remember, it will take work.

All I demand of you is a teachable attitude and a great work-ethic and the firm believe that you are going to be successful in whatever niche you choose.

The rest, we leave to time – and Google. :)

Okay. Your time is valuable, let’s not waste it with too much preamble.

This is How to Start Your Own Blog

Being on this page, I guess you are already familiar with the concept of blogging.

For your blog to go LIVE three things are required of you and they include:

  1. Domain Name: This is the name for your website. It is what a user would type in the address bar to visit your blog. For this blog, the domain is
  2. Web Hosting: If your domain name is a street number, this would be the house. The hosting is where your files are stored on the internet.
  3. WordPress: I run this blog using the WordPress software, and I recommend that you do the same. Why is WordPress my software of choice? It allows you do great things without having any design knowledge.

How to Brainstorm and Register your Domain Name

It is important that you get a great name for your new WordPress site.

I try to make my domain names descriptive, so both humans and search engines can easily tell what it is about.

For instance, the domain name can easily tell you that this blog is focused on teaching you how to run a blog professionally.

You may be creating a blog on personal finance. A good descriptive name would be or even

It is important that you realize that your domain of choice may already have been registered by someone earlier than you in the game. That would call for a little creativity on your part and you may come up with something a little more symbolic like

Whatever you do, do not let this slow you down over much. Just take a day to brainstorm names in a notepad document and search for their availability one by one.

To register you domain name, go to and start your search. A domain name will only set you back by $10, so it is by no means a bank-breaking investment.

Search for your domain name

Blog Hosting Tips

The technical aspect of blogging is what scares many away, but thankfully good hosting providers are making WordPress hosting as intuitive as possible.

I strongly recommend using Host Gator to host your website as they provide quality customer support with agents available 27/7 to attend to your every need.

Within your Host Gator account area, you will find great video tutorials that will bring you up to speed on how to get your blog active in the shortest possible time. This makes it the perfect option for newbies who are yet to know their way around.

I have saved the best for last – their cost! For the service they provide, their hosting comes surprisingly cheap. At less than $10 per month, a Host Gator hosting is a bargain any day!

How to Setup WordPress on Your Host Gator Hosting

What make WordPress perfect for blogging are the customization possibilities. Apart from being a free platform that ships with hosting packages like Host Gator’s, WordPress is the most popular Content Management Solution known to man!

This short video (Less than 3 mins) shows you the steps involved:

Now Host Gator sure makes it easy, don’t they? ;)

WordPress also has thousands of themes you can pick from to change the look and feel of your blog. I can assure you that you will have fun changing from one theme to the other until you find something that fits your taste.

A word of warning, though: Do not get stuck-up over themes, for they can be a great time waster.

Decide on a particular theme and stick to it until your blog begins to turn in some profit, then you may be able to afford getting a premium or custom WordPress theme made for you.

What will make you money is traffic, or visitors to your website and that comes from coming up with great content.

Click here to register domain at
Click here to purchase hosting at

Now we have set up WordPress, we are ready to begin the money talk. In the remaining part of this guide, I will show you what it takes to make money online.

Creating content

Quality content is what brings visitors to your site. So naturally, we begin with content. You came to this site because of content, so if you want people to visit your blog, you have to become a content provider.

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Traffic getting guides

Without traffic, your dream of making money from your blog will remain a pipe-dream. Traffic is the life blood of any business, whether online or offline.

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Over time I have written some great posts to guide you in getting traffic to your blog. It is important to note that traffic needs to be converted and conversion is done by great content. So even if you get a ton of traffic, if your content is not good the traffic will be difficult to convert.

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Content Marketing

As a new blogger, it is important that you go beyond your blog to get people aware that you exist, and that you have something to say. That is where content marketing comes in.

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After reading all this, you are not so much a newbie anymore. The information you have at your disposal can set you on the path to making good money through your blog. To keep you on track, join my mailing list and have unlimited email access to me.

In these early days of blogging, you need all the help you can get. Don’t turn this offer down…